MLR: China Land Supply Plan For Housing in 2013

By | April 22, 2013

China Land Supply Plan For Housing in 2013a
According to the Ministry of Land and Resource of PRC, based on the summary of the submitted 2013 land use plans from 31 regions (provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions) , the national housing supply in 2013 totaled 150,800 hectares, a 54.35% increase compared to the average annual actual supply for the past five years (97,700 hectares), of which the three types of housing land use plans (affordable housing, squatter settlement and small and medium-sized commercial housing 三类住房) accounted for 79.4% of the total amount of housing land in plans, in line with the relevant requirements of regulation and control policy.

Land for affordable housing projects according to the plans to will reach 41,500 hectares in 2013 in China, which will be able to fully meet the national plan of building 6.3 million sets affordable housing in 2013.

Land supply for commodity housing is 109,200 hectares, accounting for 72.4% of the housing land supply, including land for small and medium-sized ordinary commodity housing which is 78,200 hectares which is accounting for 71.6% of the commodity housing land supply.

Among 70 major cities, housing land supply will be 50,300 hectares, a 24.81% increase compared to the average annual actual supply (40,300 hectares) over the past five years. And three types of housing land supply accounted for 79.1% of the housing land supply plan. Land planned for the first-tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) has a year-on-year increase of 2.8%.

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