Mito MeituKiss released smart phones at RMB 2199 (US $32)


MeituKiss held a press conference today at Beijing 798 Art Center and officially released the MeituKiss phone, which has been equipped with self-timer function, 800 million pixels front and rear cameras.

MeituKiss is priced at 2199 yuan (US $ 32), and will be issued at 20:00 in its official website, Reservations will be accepted for limited nos of 18,888 which will be on sale on June 6.

MeituKiss founder Wuxin Hong said, they found that there was great demand of users to use front camera but the front camera of mobile phones in the market did not meet the needs of users, self-timer pictures were usually flawed. In July last year, MeituKiss decided to launch a flagship smart phone.

However, MeituKiss does not only increase the pixel of the front camera, but also adds more functionality around the self-timer. From the hardware, MeituKiss front camera provides 28mm wide-angle lens, suitable for collective self-timer, but also increased the self-timer button. From software MeituKiss increases many beauty and filter effects which can be displayed in real time.

As a popular application focusing on modifying and beautifying the images, the MeituKiss has established a large user base. MeituKiss chairman Cai Wenxin said today application downloads reach 445 million with 24,590,000 active users, number of daily processing of 460 million photos.

Source: 腾讯科技

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