Ministry of Education refuted “the most difficult employment season(史上最难就业季)” in China

the most difficult employment season

Yesterday, Ministry of Education opened the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange and the National College Student Information and Career Center to the media. In response the so-called as “hardest jobs season in the history (史上最难就业季)” with 6.99 million graduates for this year, the  Ministry of Education refuted the saying and insisted on overall stability of employment of university students this year.

National College Student Information and Career Center Employment Services Development Center official Fang Wei introduced that the difficult employment of college graduates this year is partly caused by the global economic slowdown as well as the economy structure changes happening in China which will reduce the number of jobs; On the other hand, the number of graduates this year does reached a record high, but according to the information displayed, student employment situation this year is similar to previous years. Thus employment situation is generally stable.

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