MIIT: a maximum fine of 30,000 for selling user information


According to the Beijing News, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently announced the “Telecommunications and Internet users’ personal information protection regulations (draft)” (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”) stating that the telecommunication business operators, Internet service providers and their staff shall not disclose user information, and shall not sell the user information to others, and offenders is likely to face a fine of up to RMB 30,000 (USD 4,800), and severe cases will be investigated for criminal responsibility.

This reporter learned that, the users’ personal information under the provisions is including: user name, date of birth, ID number, address and other identifying information as well as the number of user services, account number, time, place and other log information.

“Regulations” provides that, without the user’s consent the telecommunications business operators, Internet service providers are not allowed to collect and/or use users’ personal information. Telecommunication business operators, Internet service providers collecting the personal information should clearly inform the users regarding the information collection purposes, methods and scope of usage of the information.

Reference Link: http://epaper.bjnews.com.cn/html/2013-04/11/content_425811.htm?div=-1


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