“Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment in China (2013 Amendment)” -2/22: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Foreign investment projects belonging to following industries in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region enjoy preferential policies:

1. Green agricultural and livestock products (milk, meat, wool, fur, potatoes, vegetables) production and processing (except those restricted ones included in the “Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries”)
2. Rosin processing
3. Salt Processing and Comprehensive Utilization of biological farming
4. Conversion of degraded farm land into forest and grass land, pasture, natural forest protection and other national key ecological projects and subsequent development
5. Water-saving irrigation and water-saving technology, conservation tillage, low-yielding farmland development and application of technologies and ect
6. Beet sugar beet byproducts deep processing and comprehensive utilization with daily processing 3,000 tons and above
7. Quality wine grape base construction
8. Copper, lead, zinc, magnesium and other metal deep processing (limited to joint ventures, cooperation)
9. Non-metallic minerals (kaolin, andalusite, bentonite, dolomite, crystalline graphite, perlite, zeolite) utilization and fine processing (exploration, extraction, except)
10. Wool textiles, knitwear high-tech product development
11. Coal bed methane development and utilization
12. High-end applications of rare earth products processing
13. Natural gas development and utilization of downstream chemical products (included in the “Natural Gas Utilization Policy” restricted and prohibited categories except)
14. Use of ethylene and chlorine through oxychlorination to produce 30 tons / year PVC, chlorine and other waste hydrochloric acid system
15. High performance silicone oil, silicone rubber, resin, fluorine resin, high quality, high performance fluorine-containing rubber, fluorine-containing fine chemicals and high-quality fluorine-containing inorganic salts
16. Silicon Materials and Their Applications
17. Medicinal plant and animal resources development, conservation and sustainable use (except those restricted ones included in the “Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries”)
18. Special items, arts and crafts, packaging materials and containers household glass products
19. Special varieties (super white, slim-line Low-E, hollow, thick) of high quality float glass technology development and deep processing
20. Carbon fiber production and its application
21. Natural gas compressors (including coalbed methane compressor) Manufacturing
22. Manufacture of complete automobiles (foreign investment ratio is not higher than 50%), special vehicle (excluding ordinary semi-trailer, dump trucks, tank trucks, vans and Stake car) Manufacturing (proportion of foreign investment does not exceed 50% )
23. Large-scale energy storage technology R & D and production applications (storage batteries, pumped storage technology,
Air energy storage technology, wind power and the night after the heating and other)
24. Solar power generation equipment and component manufacturing
25. Middling coal, coke oven gas, waste heat power generation, heating and other utilization
26. Broadband services and value-added telecom services (need within the framework of China’s WTO commitments)
27. Highway passenger transportation companies
28. Grban gas, heat supply and water drainage network construction and operation (in cities with population of 500,000 or more, Chinese Holdings)
29. Medical and pension services
30. Radio and television programs, film production business (limited to cooperation)
31. The snow, forest, grassland eco-tourism resources development, construction and operation
32. Tourist areas protection, development and operation of relevant facilities

The “Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment in China (2013 Amendment)” has been approved by the State Council with effective date of June 10, 2013 superseding the “Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment in China (2008 Revision) released on December 23, 2008. According to “The Provisions on Guiding Foreign Investment” (State Council Decree No. 346 of 2002), foreign investment projects belonging to this catalog will enjoy preferential policies to encourage foreign investment projects in China. Foreign investment projects currently under proceeding status under this category can be carried out in accordance with the relevant policy under this catalog.

Source: National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

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