“Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment in China (2013 Amendment)” -9/22: Hubei Province

Foreign investment projects belonging to following industries in Hubei Province enjoy preferential policies:

1. Farming protection technology development and application
2. Grade textiles and apparel technology development
3. Woven fabrics and medical textiles production
4. Animal and plant medicinal resources development, conservation and sustainable use (except those restricted ones included in the “Catalogue for the Guidance of Foreign Investment Industries”)
5. Grade cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber textile, knitting and garment processing
6. Packaging and decorating printed matter
7. Special varieties (super white, slim-line Low-E, hollow, thick) of high quality float technology development and deep processing of glass
8. Air-conditioning, energy-efficient compressors and parts manufacturing 9. Automotive components manufacturing: more than a six-speed automatic transmission, commercial vehicles with high power density
Drive axle, with the dynamic headlamp system, LED headlamps, lightweight material application (high-strength steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, composite plastics, powder metallurgy, high-strength composite fibers, etc.), clutch, hydraulic shock absorbers, the total Kongpan into the seat
10. High performance radial tire production. Including tubeless truck tires, low profile and flat (less than 55 series), a large high-performance radial passenger tire rims (15 inches or more), radial aircraft tires and agricultural production
11 Triaxiality linkage speed, precision CNC machine tools and supporting CNC system, servo motor and drive, functional parts, tools, measuring tools, measuring instruments and high-grade abrasive production
12.Special wire rope, wire rope (average tensile strength> 2200MPa) Manufacturing
13. Laser medical equipment development and manufacturing
14. Optoelectronic technologies and products (including optical fiber preform, the semiconductor light-emitting diode LED) R&D
15. Broadband services and value-added telecom services (within the framework of China’s WTO commitments)
16. Highway passenger transportation companies
17. Construction and operation of refueling stations
18. Health and pension services
19.City gas, heat supply and water drainage network construction and operation (in cities with population of 500,000 or more, Chinese holdings)
20. Tourist areas (spots) protection, development and operation of relevant facilities

The “Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment in China (2013 Amendment)” has been approved by the State Council with effective date of June 10, 2013 superseding the “Midwest Industrial Catalogue for Foreign Investment in China (2008 Revision) released on December 23, 2008. According to “The Provisions on Guiding Foreign Investment” (State Council Decree No. 346 of 2002), foreign investment projects belonging to this catalog will enjoy preferential policies to encourage foreign investment projects in China. Foreign investment projects currently under proceeding status under this category can be carried out in accordance with the relevant policy under this catalog.

Source: Translated by ChinaAbout.net from National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

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