Micro blog user of China hit 309 million in the end of 2012

Micro blog user of China hit 309 million in the end of 2012

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Chart 1.0 Total Number of Internet Users in China from 2005 – 2012

Source: CNNIC 2013

Based on the recent report from the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), the total number of the internet users throughout the year of 2012 reached 564 million, and 74.5% of the internet users are using a mobile phone to get access to internet. With the reduced growth of computer based internet users, mobile user group with an 18.1% year-on-year growth continues to support the overall growth.


Another obvious feature of the internet usage in China is the wide using of micro blogging service such as Sina Weibo (micro blogging in Chinese) and Tencent Weibo which are different but with similarities with Twitter and Facebook. To the end of 2012, the micro blog user hit 309 million accounting for 54.7% of the total internet user in China. Major Weibos (microblogging sites) have become influential social media in China encouraging the information flow in the society; people even use the microblogging to blow the whistle of some serious corruption and crimes.




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