Marketing’s 4 Ps in non-for-profit organisations: Study of Red Ribbon Foundation

Each year millions of dollars are spent worldwide to combat health and social problems such as HIV/AIDS, smoking, drug and alcohol abuse and environmental pollution.

Select one company or non-for-profit organisation that plays a role in any one of the issues on public health, social development or environmental protection of your choice. It could be offering either a service or a product or both. Analyse how marketing’s 4 Ps and concepts can be applied and be utilized to the selected social issue. Also, critically evaluate the use of social marketing in the fields of public health, social development and environmental protection.

In terms of the promotion strategy, create an ad for a magazine. Like the newspaper ad, it too should be directed to appeal to your target market. Examine actual ads for information and inspiration. Consider your use of colour, images, and layout specifications.

In this case, we choose to analyse the Red Ribbon Foundation, which was founded in 1993 to remember the Singer and songwriter Paul Jabara. Paul Jabara is the man who carried out and built the first Red Ribbon, and died of AIDS. It is dedicated to the education about prevention of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV, Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Related Complex, ARC and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome referred to as AIDS. As it focus its efforts on children and young adults, The Red Ribbon Foundation utilizes a broad platform of media to communicate the educational messages of prevention and support for those affected, infected and not yet educated or aware. The Red Ribbon Foundation raises fund to fight against AIDS by using a large-scale music-oriented fundraiser held every two years. The proceeds of this event are then awarded as grants to organizations that demonstrate results as well as promising ideas for preventing the spread of AIDS and caring for those already infected with the disease. RRF grants support prevention education programs for high-risk individuals, cutting-edge research to eradicate the disease, and assistance programs for those living with HIV/AIDS.

Marketing mix


The social marketing product includes both tangible items but also the intangible items. Generally, social marketers are selling a particular behaviour. While you may be promoting a life-saving or life-improving style, quite often social marketing behaviours are things that people don’t particularly like to do, such as eating fibber, protecting water, doing more exercise and getting a colonoscopy. Using commercial marketing to promote the product’s benefits based on the target customer’s core values can help solve. Show them how they can using the product to let them become the one they want to be.


While adopting the product may have a monetary cost, the important price elements include contained social and emotional costs, such as the controversial factors of performing the behaviour, time, embarrassment, deprivation of something they enjoy, scare of finding a medical problem, or social disapproval. To figure out how to reduce the price as much as possible and make it easy and stress-free to perform the behaviour are important strategic issues.


How would you make the product access to customers, to reach its target market? In other words, how and where can people perform that behavior? With related to the concept of aperture here, we can get that when taking a picture just like a camera’s lens opens and shuts very quickly to let in the light, there is only a small window of opportunity to for you to get your message through to the target customers at one time and place they can act on it. That is to say your potential participants will not go out of their way to look for your messages, which you need to get close to them and provide the chance to easily learn about the product as well as the method of perform the behavior.


Promotional methods for social marketing do not have much difference with those used by commercial marketers. The way to address the types of target audiences is one of the important differences. Many are not the kind of consumers who a profit organization may target. They may be low-income, unable to speak English, difficult to find, and/or uninterested in making any changes to their lives. It is important for social marketers to innovate proper ways so as to promote their products to these populations of hard to reach.

The 4PS of the Red Ribbon Foundation

Product /service:

Today, there as nearly 41 million people estimated to be living with HIV/AIDS. Among theses, there are about 38 million of adults and 2.5 million children below the age of 15. Besides, there are nearly 5 million people who were acquired the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in 2003, with 4.2 million adults and 700,000 children under the age of 15. 3 million people from all kinds of life, both sexes, young and old, straight and gay, have died of AIDS, including over 500,000 children under the age of 15. Through educational efforts, the researchers concluded that cure for HIV/AIDS remained mystical. This resulted in continuous rapid growth, and society’s dark ignorance of the disease haunts its carriers.

The Foundation was built to HIV/AIDS researchers, mainly focus in the field of pediatric AIDS research. This is to improve the awareness of the disease through distribution of the Red Ribbon. At the same time, this a way to educate the global public through efforts such as our website with detailed informative materials on high school and college campuses. Moreover, we hold events that spread the awareness of this disease. With these events, it offers one of the most updated information resources about the HIV disease. This information is direct and easy to understand. These include everything from how to protect yourself from infecting HIV to how to live positively if you have already got the disease and where to receive legal advice or counseling support. As the mission stated by the Red Ribbon Foundation, “Our mission and vision is to help those unlucky ones. We have create consultancy and help centre to ease then to get back on their feet to start over a more meaningful and enjoyable live. By pouring all the vital information, we alert the global to aware of this devastating disaster. Meanwhile, we are helping organizations to raise funds to lead our work a success. As our minds change, it change our community too! Let’s make a difference!


It has created as its official website; in there you can find lots of useful information relevant to HIV/AIDS topics. With these sites, it becomes our community, and this result to be a world that has no boundaries for this disaster to duplicate globally. As participation, loyalty, commitment, joy and care start to pour in a community; this community will definitely guide u to a right path that link you to a healthy place. It emphasize the public on all issues about the topic of AIDS, including facts, history, prevention, and public service.


The non-profit organisation, Red Ribbon Foundation offers service to the public without any costs. So in this part, for a non-profit organization, we would discuss how the Red Ribbon Foundation can obtain fund from the public, that is how they raise the fund. The organization can get fund through the public donation, it is so easy for the public to donate their fund to the organization, they can just go to the official website, fill up some forms about their basic information, then they can make their donation either by credit card or from bank account. The Red Ribbon Foundation is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) and donations are deductible to the full extent of the law.  The Red Ribbon Foundation is not affiliated with any other organization. Another way for donation is buying all of life’s essentials from over 700 participating shops.


The Red Ribbon Foundation focus on the education on teenage about the risks if AIDS. The high risk groups of addicting AIDS are not the most impact people in this society. In another way round, it has resulted to be the youth of America to be the most impact group. This youth group consist of all ages range from grade school, to junior high school, and lastly college. It is the main network that spread this disaster. We have to educate the youth from a younger age to solve this issue. One of the way is to educate them into volunteers in their school campus. Red Ribbon Organisation need manpower to do the projects and event in some areas.

Facebook is a social utility connects people with friends and others strangers who work, study and live surrounding them , so as the popularity of the facebook in the worldwide, the Red Ribbon Foundation also use it to keep in touch with others, make them know about the organization well and easily. So if the public want to know more about the organization, they can join facebook and browse the page to obtain knowledge about this organization.

Social marketing

Marketing is a vital division to an organization to accomplish a mission as it is a division to finance a nonprofit organization. For this organization, it is not just to collect funds, it is built to make a difference to the community. One of the ways is by using social marketing methods, this will spur up the effectiveness of an activity or event. This is a great choice for a non-profit organization to promote and market themselves, just as the Red Ribbon Foundation. So, we need not to raise a huge amount of fund to carry out the event and it minimize the cost. That is why social marketing will be the non-profit organization first option to pick.

An recent study revealed that almost ninety percent of charitable organizations has include this as their marketing strategic plan. Most of them carry out through blogs, twitter, forums, boards, discussion boards some social networking sites. Almost half of them claimed that social media act as the most important role in their financing part.

Benefits of social marketing:

  1. social mediums make sure that nonprofit organizations bulid relationships and contact with their constituents well and conveniently. This enables them to mature their online communities, and at the same time construct a marketing phenomenon with no time consuming. Besides, the cost involve with this marketing strategy is low and will run a high return on the investment than the traditional marketing ways.

  2. The realm of social media helps equip individuals with an outlet and tool to help them growing their own nonprofit organizations, as well as enabling individuals who have a specific interest in a charitable organization and who want to share it broadly.

  3. Social mediums provide a central place for nonprofits organizations to collaborate and connect with each others. In the meantime, it collect the suggestions and opinions from others organisations.


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