The Marketing Plan on the Fiber Network Products in Singapore Telecommunications

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The Marketing Plan on the Fiber Network Products in Singapore Telecommunications


1.        Introduction


1.1    Company profile


The SingTel Group is Asia’s leading communications group, providing a diverse range of communication services and solutions, including fixed, mobile, data, Internet, info-communications technology, satellite and pay TV. We are the largest listed company on the Singapore Exchange by market capitalization. We are also listed on the Australian Securities Exchange as a result of our acquisition of Optus, the second largest communications provider in Australia, in September 2001. In addition, the SingTel Group is a long-term strategic investor in six regional mobile operators in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan and Bangladesh. To serve the needs of multinational corporations, SingTel has a network of 36 offices in 19 countries and territories throughout Asia Pacific, in Europe and the USA ( 2010).


1.2    Product introduction


Figure 1 The function demonstration of the Next Generation Network (NGN)

Source: 2011

The fiber network or fiber ultra-high-speed broadband network is the open high quality fiber platform of Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide (NextGenNBN) built and managed by the OpenNet Pte Ltd which is appointed by the Infocomm development Authority of Singapore (IDA). While OpenNet is in charge of the construction of the infrastructure of the fiber network, other telecommunication service providers will then offer broadband services using this network platform ( 2011). And ExStream (Fibre) Services is a form of fiber optic communication delivered by SingTel. Through this infrastructure (Fiber to the Home), consumers can enjoy upload and download speeds far superior to that of any other existing DSL broadband network available, making this the superior technology for ultra high speed internet access, digital voice, internet television services and home networking. But as in an equal status with other competitors as a provider of the fiber service, SingTel needs to compete with other suppliers in the fiber internet market.


2.        Background to the research problems


In Singapore, SingTel has 130 years of operating experience. SingTel has played an integral part in the development of the country as a major communications hub in the region. Today, SingTel continues to shape the digital media and ICT market in Singapore. Despite full liberalization since 2000, SingTel remains the leading mobile, broadband and fixed line operator and in July 2007 ventured into home entertainment with the launch of our Mio TV. In September 2010, SingTel launched high-speed fiber services, with distinctive applications focusing on entertainment, convergence and productivity enhancement for home and business users (SingTel Annual report 2009). Given this market and industrial background, this thesis is dedicated to reviewing and critically criticizing the marketing strategy currently adopted and tries to proposed a comprehensive marketing plan of the new fiber network products in SingTel as a market leader based on the literature review to provide a careful examination of the competitive marketing strategy which depends on a company’s industry and on whether it is a market leader (Kotler & Armstrong 2008, p.599).


3.        Problem Definition


And a well structure marketing plan which is well written could help avoid inconsistencies, unknowns, gaps and implausibility and provide solutions to such possible difficulties and also a good marketing plan also help the management to focus on the organization’s strategic business goals and the changing market conditions. What’s more it provides a well arranged implementation timetable that ensures that tasks and goals are completed within a certain period of time.


3.1    Research Question


What’s the market position held by SingTel?


What are the current marketing strategies adopted by SingTel in the matured products?

How to design a pragmatic and viable marketing plan for the new fiber network products?


3.2    Research Objectives


To probe into the difficulties and challenges faced by the organization


To provide an overall situational analysis of SingTel in the new generation network product market


To evaluate the case using the relative major marketing theories such as Porter (1980)’s generic strategy

To provide a comprehensive marketing plan using Philip Kotler’s marketing plan framework on the new generation network product


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