Chairman Mao’s granddaughter and her husband boarded the rich list

In the new wealth ranking of top 500 richest in China, the couple of Chen and Kong with 5 billion yuan (USD 800 million) of wealth was ranked 242.

Chen Dongsheng, with network of resources, adoption of follower strategy, and introduction of strategic investors, had entered into the art auction, insurance and logistics with rapid development and growth. At present, Chen Dongsheng’s enterprises include Taikang Life, Jiafe International and Zaijisong. Chen Dongsheng’s wide, Kong Dongmei, is Chairman Mao’s granddaughter, the couple broke the the tradition that offsprings of Mao will not engage in business and became remarkably rich.

In 1996 when the business of the Jiade Auctions was booming, Chen Dongsheng began the creation of Taikang Life Insurance, and inviting the just graduated Kong from the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics Kong Dongmei to participate. Kong Dongmei’s mother is Li Min, het father was the son of General Kong Congzhou. At that time, Chen was 39-year-old and Kong Dongmei was only 24-year-old, but their love started to grow. The media reported that in 1999, the relationship between Kong Dongmei and Chen Dongsheng was exposed, and Kong left Taikang Life to study in the United States. After Kong’s returning home, the two were still living together, and had three children, a boy and two girls. Until 2011, Kong Dongmei finally became the wife of Chen Dongsheng.

Source: 华商网-华商报

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