Four major DSG transmission problems according to the Chinese customers

Question 1: Vehicle turning off with no reason

Vehicle’s problem of automatic turning off with no reason happened during the driving stage as well as during the starting stage. Consumers reflected that the dealer contributed the problem to poor gasoline quality, but after changing to higher quality gasoline, increase engine idle speed as well as trying other methods, the problem is still not resolved.

Question 2: Slow speed change

Some consumers complained that the speed can not be increased with abnormal sound in low-speed channel transmission.

Question 3: No channel change allowed

During low-speed driving, some consumers found the engine speed suddenly increased, but the speed remained unchanged. After restarting the car, the DSG transmission maintained at the Channel 1 and can’t be switched to other channels. .

Question 4: Sudden stuck

The  drivers concern a lot about the DSG stuck phenomenon, which greatly affects the driving safety. When the sudden stuck of the DSG transmission happens, the drivers will have to maintain at least 3000 rpm engine speed to order to achieve the channel change to 1, 3, 5, 7, but the even-numbered 2,4,6 channels can not reached.

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