Made in China 2025 Explained (video)

Made in China 2025 is the first 10-year strategic plan of China in building a strong power in manufacturing. The plan was made based on the new international and domestic environment aimed at improving the quality and level of China’s manufacturing industry. It is a blueprint for China’s plan to transform the country into a hi-tech powerhouse that dominates advanced industries like robotics, advanced information technology, aviation, and new energy vehicles.

Key directions are: innovation, quality first, green growth, structural optimization and talent-based development. The target is to build up a strong power in manufacturing within 10 years time (2015-2025) and pave the way for the long term plan “Made in China 2045” of becoming the world’s leading super power in manufacturing.

A State Council meeting on April 6, 2016 passed a plan named “Standardization and Quality Improvement in Equipment Manufacturing Industry” requiring the equipment manufacturing industry to coordinate with the Made in China 2025 blueprint.

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