Ma Ying-jeou: Accept only a formal apology from the Government of the Philippines

Recently, after the Philippine coastguard fired on a Taiwan fishing boat killing a crew member which caused serious protest in Taiwan, the Philippine Representative to Taiwan Baixi Li offered an apology but denied by the Office of the President of the Philippines, Taiwan has refused to accept the Philippine’s “frivolous” response. British “Financial Times” reported on May 14 that the Taiwan leader Ma Ying-jeou claimed that Taiwan accept only Philippine government’s formal apology.

The worsening of relation prompted Ma Ying-jeou’s announcement of a freeze on Filipinos’ work visa to work in Taiwan to force the Government of the Philippines to issue a formal apology and to start negotiations with Taiwan over fishing rights within the 14 days. Ma Ying-jeou said that Taiwan can only accept a formal apology from the Philippine government.

This conflict also led to a small-scale private network warfare, the two sides’ hackers attacked each other’s government and corporate websites, web pages, and the services of these sites. It’s also reported that the escalating conflicts between Taiwan and the Philippines, may cause serious consequences for the two economies.

Source: 环球时报

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