Ma stepped down as CEO of Alibaba will be engaged in education and environmental protection

May 10, today held a 10th anniversary party, Jack Ma (Ma Yun) announced his stepping down as CEO of Alibaba Group Chairman at the party, Lu Zhaoxi will officially take over the CEO position.

In his speech, Ma said: “Today’s world is different from the world 30 years ago, no one predicted today, China has become a big manufacturing country, computer enjoys popularity, the development of the Internet in China is so good, Taobao is booming, and Yahoo makes it today which no one would had expected. ”

Ma said that “he is a businessman, humanity has entered the business community. But in this world, businessmen do not get the respect they deserve. Businessman today are chasing only for money, like any career, artists, educators, politicians, they try our best to improve this society.”

Finally, Ma said after 12 o’clock tonight, he will not hold the Ali Group CEO position, and will be engaged in some of the things that interested him, such as education and the environment protection. “I will not go back to Alibaba as CEO, you will do better.”

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