Ma Jian Tong attended the start meeting of “Research over China’s Forest Resource Auditing and Green Economy Evaluation System” project

On May 10, “Research over China’s Forest Resource Auditing and Green Economy Evaluation System” project was started in Beijing, the implementation of the project will be jointly contributed by the State Forestry Administration and the National Bureau of Statistics. Chief of National Bureau of Statistics, Ma Jian Tong attended the meeting and made ​​an important speech.

Ma Jian Tong suggested China’s forest resource auditing is an important part of resource and environmental accounting. The forest land is the carrier of resources and land environment, with fundamental role in ecological construction and the process of climate change. At the same time, forest is an important part of the beautiful China. The vast woodlands, pink and leaves, tree-lined scene shall be the beautiful interpretation of the “China Green” (绿色中国).

Ma Jian Tong requested that for forest resource accounting study, internationally accepted standards shall be taking into account as well as China’s national conditions. The United Nations and other international organizations have developed System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) which gives a general framework regarding the accounting and accounting principles of resources audicting, including forests. But because different countries have different resources and environment, natural resources and management modes, in particular data collection methods, availability, quality and timeliness, we should seriously study on the basis of the specific situation of China, established the framework which is in line with China’s national conditions of forest resource accounting.

Source: China National Bureau of Statistics

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