Loss-of-single-child family (失独家庭) in China will total 10 million in future


76,000 single-child family lose their single child annually

According to a news report of the Public Daily, data from Ministry of Health show that China’s annual increase of the number of loss-of-single-child family (失独家庭) is 76,000. The term “loss-of-single-child family (失独家庭) refers to the single-child family in which the single-child is deceased due to various reasons, many of the parents in this group are too old to have additional children after the loss of the single child resulting in a series of social problems. According to some demographers, the projected loss-of-single-child family (失独家庭) in China will reach 10 million.
Cui Shuyi, director of the Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, has been concerning this special group for more than ten years. According to his survey, 50% of the loss-of-single-child family are suffering from economic difficulty, 20% of the loss-of-single-child family are living on basic living allowances; 50% of the parents of the loss-of-single-child family (失独家庭) are suffering with chronic diseases, 15% of them are suffering from major serious diseases, and more than 60% of them suffer from different degrees of depression.

“If the government and society can not help them actively, these people (parents of the loss-of-single-child family) can easily become vulnerable groups.” Cui Shuyi told reporters, “The lack of authoritative data will become a major obstacle to the future development of policy in respect of the loss-of-single-child family (失独家庭).” He suggested that investigation of the loss-of-single-child family should be jointly done by different functional department: family planning, civil affairs, statistics. Profile built up based on the number and distribution of the loss-of-single-child family in each province will assist the development of specific measures targeting at the different situations in different areas.

loss-of-single-child family

A couple holding the photo of their deceased single son

Relevant experts have offered different suggestions in the policy level such as establishment of loss-of-single-child family assistance platform and establishment of a charitable organisation to help the elders in the loss-of-single-child family.

Reference Link: http://3g.qglt.com/n/docqno

Editorial Comment: Perhaps it is time for the government to review the single-child policy which was designed to limit population growth in the world’s largest country and implemented since the late 1980s. Releasing the one-child policy will help the solving of this social issue to some degree and meanwhile reducing the young people mortality rate will be another key solution.

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