Li Keqiang paid the first overseas visit to India as Chinese premier

Li Keqiang visit to India as Chinese premier
Chinese premier Li Keqiang

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, started his first overseas visit as premier, India will be the first stop.The analysis said that this visit reflected that the new Chinese government attached great importance to Sino-Indian relations.

From May 19 to 27, Li Keqiang was invited for an official visit to India, Pakistan, Switzerland, Germany, which is the first overseas visit since his appointment as Premier. In accordance with the schedule, India in this visit will the first stop.

In recent years, the Sino-Indian economic and trade cooperation has achieved remarkable results. At present, China is the second largest trading partner of India, India is China’s largest trading partner in South Asia. According to the Ministry of Commerce, it is expected that the target of achieving 100 billion U.S. dollars bilateral trade volume by 2015 set by the leaders of the two countries is possible.
“India is a country with large growth potential, both China and India now have a growing consensus, that is to strengthen cooperation which is beneficial to both sides.” Deputy director of the China Institute of International Studies Ruan Zongze told ChinaNews reporter.

The recent tent confrontation event once again raised the attention of the public opinion on the Sino-Indian border issue. Ruan Zongze said that the peaceful settlement of this incident reflects a consensus of both sides, i.e. the border issue may not be solved in the short-term, it shall not affect relations between the two sides.

Source: 中国新闻网(ChinaNews)

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