Li Keqiang: Japan must return the stolen Chinese territory

On the May 26th, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited the Potsdam meeting site – Sans Souci Palace (切齐琳宫) which has significant meaning in the history of World War II. Li Keqiang told reporters that “the ‘Potsdam Proclamation’ published here raised the banner of justice. More importantly, it issued an ultimatum against the world fascist forces.”

Li Keqiang said: “As a Chinese person, a representative of the Chinese people, I want to emphasize that Article VIII of the ‘Potsdam Proclamation’ which clearly states that the ‘Cairo Declaration’ shall be carried out which requests that Japan must return the territory stolen from the China, such as the Northeast China, Taiwan and other islands which is the fruits of victory exchanged by tens of millions of lives; it is also an important guarantee of the post-war world order…”

Source: 环球时报

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