The largest online piracy HD portal shut down

Among Chinese high-definition movie fans, the SiLu Network is famous as China’s largest high-definition digital portal website which had been established for 10 years. It is China’s top high-definition Blu-ray website, gathered tens of thousands of Blu-ray high-definition, high-quality movies, music and games, the number of members had been over 1.4 million.

However, the site is also the most famous movie site containing pirated high-definition movies. After several months of investigation, the Beijing Cultural Law Enforcement Team recently took action, arrested the CEO Zhou and other staffs on infringement of intellectual property rights.

Every day over 30,000 users online at the same time

As long as paying the RMB 50 (US $8) membership fee monthly, one can become a member of the website and download the huge number of pirated Blu-ray high-definition movies. With the growth of the business, the number of member users became more than 1.4 million with stable 30,000 users online at the same time every day. Subsequently, Zhou start a physical store selling website member activation code, Blu-ray player, pirated HD discs, but as well as doing business on an online shop.

Legal punishment

Law enforcement officers revealed that the The SiLu Network has a total of 139 employees. Zhou and other eight directors of the Company and core staffs have been put under criminal detention on suspicion of the crime of infringement of intellectual property rights, and another 30 employees with more than 50,000 times of publishing the download resources will also face detention. Final punishments are subject to the further investigation of the case.

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