Landslide accident in Tibet burying 83 people

Around at 6:00 AM on March 29, a landslide accident happened in Jiama mining area in Roxburgh Village, Tibet. It is reported that the mining area is under supervision of the China Gold Group Huatailong. The landslide is 3 kilometers in length involving land collapse of more than 2 million cubic meters. According to preliminary statistics, 83 workers (Tibetan 2, the rest are Han Chinese from Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other Mainland workers) were buried.

It is believed when the natural landslide happened the 83 workers were sleeping in a work shed. The rescue is still in progress.

The Site temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius which is very cold, and the temperature is still falling. Landslide area is at the altitude of 4600 meters where the oxygen content is also low. The harsh environment seems to reduce the hope for life. But the rescue forces are still in a steady stream to do everything possible to rescue the trapped workers, now more than 200 large-scale search and rescue equipment and vehicles are at the scene, including 15 search and rescue dogs, 15 radar life detector.

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