The First Lady of China anticipated to play a key role in diplomacy

Invited by Russia, Tanzania, Republic of South Africa, Republic of the Congo, the new Chinese President Xi Jinping started his first state visit to the four countries on 22nd March. He will also attend the fifth meeting of the leaders of the BRIC countries held in Durban, South Durban, South Africa.

Together with Xi Jinping, the delegation also includes the First Lady Peng, Liyuan and other key officials. In particular the appearance of the First Lady had attracted domestic and international media attention. Her slowly stepping down from the plane with charming appearance together with her love to Xi,Jinping shown had immediately received great admiration, especially among the Chinese people.

22nd March, a Russian media reported “in China, Peng Liyuan is as famous as her husband, she is one of the most popular national vocalists as well as the WHO AIDS prevention Goodwill Ambassador.” The media quoted the Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian armed forces deputy head as saying that Miss Peng Liyuan and Russian choir, orchestra will sing the “cranberry flowers open” together. The song’s first paragraph will be in Chinese while the second and the third paragraph will be sung in Russian. Bearing much hope,the First Lady is anticipated to play a key role in the international diplomatic arena.


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