Labor Day focus: Women workers need to “apply for pregnancy in advance”

The Labor Law, Article 58 stipulates that the State provides special protection for women and juvenile workers; Article 62 states that female workers are entitled a maternity leave of no less than 90 days.

Recently, Gaoyou City Secondary School intended to introduce provisions requesting that pregnant female teachers must submit a written application one semester in advance which is subject to the approval by the school principal, in case of violation penalties will be imposed such as cancelling the normal fertility subsidies as well as other punishments.

Though the plan was stopped by the higher authorities, but the topic of how to ensure the basic rights and interests of women workers continues. Liu Hui-ling from Anhui Province who was a new mother, when it came to her third months of maternity leave, all leaders had come to “visit” her with subtext that:”it is time to go back for work”. Though it was not her wishes, she ended th two weeks ahead of the end of maternity leave. She wanted to breast-feeding to the child, but after getting to know that colleagues used to fight for feeding time, but the leader was furious and said: “You just have your maternity leave now you also want feeding time? Not possible!” Thought of this, Liu Hui-ling cut the breast-feeding before going back to work.

Gansu Province Women’s Federation Minister Wang Xiade said reproductive rights is a special and important basic rights of women workers, the employer’s internal systems shall not be supersede the law, any work “internal regulations” against the fertility of female workers’ maternity and breast-feeding rights are improper. For violation behaviors, in addition to ordering the behaviors to be corrected in accordance with the law, the relevant authorities should also strengthen the supervision and regulation of the power of the employers.

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