Kobe Bryant: Shanghai is my second home

Kobe Bryant received shirt of Shanghai Shenghua Football Club as a gift

According to the Tencent sports news, August 9 (Beijing time) was the last day NBA super star Kobe Bryant stayed in Shanghai. Bryant seemed very excited. As known to us, Kobe loves Shanghai, during the interview, Bryant even said that he came to China for eight consecutive years, Shanghai is his second home.

In the evening, Bryant first attended the 2013 Nike High School Basketball League finals held in Nanyang Model High School Basketball Hall. During the watch, Bryant appreciated the hard working of the players and applauded to encourage them again and again. After the game, Kobe personally reviewed the game for the players and provided technical and tactical recommendations; he told them to try to fight every minute of the game and always stick to their basketball dreams.

In the following, Bryant unexpectedly left for Shanghai Shenhua Football Team (上海申花)’s home, the Hongkou Football Stadium. As in cooperation with Nike, three Chinese Super League teams were open for public on the National Fitness Day. Kobe has special sentiments to football because of his early experience in playing football in Italy. When he arrived at the Hongkou Football Stadium, Shenhua player Wang Lei and many young football boys from all regions of Shanghai were waiting for him. Bryant exhibited great interest in talking about his childhood football experience and Wang Lei gave Bryant the shirt of Shenghua F.C. as a gift.

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