Joke: Urban management recruitment interview

Examiner: Education background?

Candidates: Primary school, not completed

Examiner: Can you fight?

Candidates: Piece of cake.

Examiner: Do you have criminal record?

Candidates: Just come out (from jail).

Examiner: Good physical conditions?

Candidates: Okay lah, I can overturn a small tricycle by one kick.

Examiner: Dare to take away others’ possessions?

Candidates: Take as they are my personal belongings.

Examiner: Dare to beat up a old man?

Candidates: This is my strength; I beat my dad to disabled.

Examiner: You passed the exam, our urban management team need talents like you!

Examiner: By the way, what will you do after an accident?

Candidates: I will say I am temporarily hired.

Examiner: Oh my god, start the work tonight!


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