Joke under High Housing Price in China: One square meter in exchange for the world


One of the hottest housing market: Shanghai

One of the most recent and populous print ad slogans used by the travel agencies is: One square meter in exchange for the world. This slogan definitely is teasing the high housing prices as well as people’s persistence to have a house under their names. Many people come to realize how true this slogan is after travelling around the Asian countries such as Thailand where they seems to find a better use of the Chinese Yuan, a currency even popular than the US dollar today though many people still hesitate to spend “one square meter” of their future house in visiting beautiful sceneries and enjoy seafood under the beautiful sunshine. Obviously, more people are having long term plan to obtain a more stable life before spending their savings.

With the growing and booming real estate industry, it seems that people not only can visit the neighboring Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia, travelling around the Europe and the American continent with amount of money being equivalent to “one square meter” is never a dream but rather closed to the reality (In big cities like Guangzhou, RMB 30,000 or US$ 4,800 per square meter is normal). Thus, why not save up a corner of your house, and in exchange for the world, or more.


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