Japanese Foreign Ministry expressed a “solemn protest” over the China ocean surveillance ships’ cruise into the Diaoyu Islands water

Japanese Foreign Ministry solemn protest4

Japanese Foreign Ministry solemn protest3

Japanese Foreign Ministry solemn protest2

Japanese Foreign Ministry solemn protest1

According to Japanese media reports, on May 26, the conservative political group “Come on Japan! National Action Committee” members and ordinary participants boarded four Japanese fishing boats and sailed in the waters near the Diaoyu Islands. 3 Chinese ocean surveillance ships headed toward these vessels and drove them away. For China ocean surveillance ships’ cruise into the 12 sea miles of Diaoyu Islands for enforcement, the Japanese Foreign Ministry’s Asian and Oceania Secretary Sugiyama Shinsuke on 26th called the Chinese Embassy in Japan to express a “solemn protest.”

Source: Tencent (qq.com)

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