Jackie Chan showed up in the TCL Chinese Theatre: Witnessed the counterattack of the Chinese capital

counterattack of the Chinese capital1

counterattack of the Chinese capital2

counterattack of the Chinese capital3

counterattack of the Chinese capital4

counterattack of the Chinese capital5

counterattack of the Chinese capital6

counterattack of the Chinese capital7

Recently, the internationally famous film star Jackie Chan appeared in TCL’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, and completed the handprint ceremony. He became the second Chinese celebrities to leave fingerprints on the theatre square following the film director John Woo. In addition, Jack Chan even left the “Jackie Nose” and the onsite atmosphere was very active. It is reported that as early as ten years ago, Jackie Chan had already left his fingerprints which accidentally got lost, this incident also made Jackie Chan the first person in the history to leave twice fingerprints.

Hollywood Chinese Theater is now named as TCL’s Chinese Theatre (Chinese top TV brand) and Jackie became the second Chinese to leave the fingerprints, all these will facts drive the Chinese cultural industry output to the international market. Chinese entertainment marketing communication company, Reach Glory Media Group operates internationally and has pushed forward some major events in the entertainment industry, bringing the Chinese brands to the world. The Chinese capital has become increasingly active in the international market, which in turn facilitates the entry of the Chinese elements into the world, enhancing the influence of the Chinese entertainment industry.

Source: Tencent Entertainment

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