Jackie Chan intends to donate six ancient buildings to Beijing

In April this year, Jackie Chan announced in his microblogging that he will donate his collection of four Anhui ancient architectures to a university in Singapore which caused media attention. Recently, media reports said that Jackie Chan’s other Anhui ancient style architectures may be settled in Beijing, Jackie Chan responded that in a tv program “News 1 +1”, that the matter was still under negotiation, probably 6 will be located in Beijing, to build a “Jackie Chan Peace Garden.

20 years ago, Jackie Chan by chance had purchased the 10 ancient buildings in Anhui. The buildings were broken up, and shipped to Hong Kong. He had hoped to choose new sites for reconstruction for their parents, but after his parents passed away unexpectedly, since then he kept the repairmen works. Jackie Chan said that he felt he had fulfilled certain responsibilities.

He believed that the donation of the ancient houses will be of great help to the cultural exchange. Only when the cultural things like these architectures become known to people abroad, there would be a better understanding of Chinese culture oversea. At the same time, Jackie Chan stressed that what he donated were old houses, if they were national treasures, they certainly can not go abroad.

Source: 人民网

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