“Iron Man 3” box office in mainland China breaking 700 million yuan (US $112 million)

Currently “Iron Man 3” overseas box office totaled $ 736.2 million, in North America the box office reached $ 337.7 million, thus globally the total box office amounted 1.074 billion and the film is now ranked the No. 9 in the historical chart. Its gap with No.8 is minimized. Analysis suggested that “Iron Man 3 “is expected to take over”The Dark Knight Rises”, ” 007: Skyfall”, ” Transformers 3″, “Lord of the Rings”and other films this week, and became the top five in global box office history.

At present, the box office of “Iron Man 3” in the mainland China has successfully exceeded 700 million yuan, about $ 109.5 million, becoming the world’s second largest market outside North America; “Iron Man 3” has become the Top 4 of imported films, easily outpacing the “Mission Impossible 4” and “Kung Fu Panda 2”. Iron Man 3’s remarkable performance had closed relation with the cooperation between Chinese private company DMG Entertainment Media Group and Hollywood. The film exhibits a complementary win-win cooperation between the Chinese company and the American Film producer by adding more Chinese elements.

Source: Tencent Entertainment

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