Invasive specie “Pistia Stratiotes” eradication activity started in Guangxi Province

Pistia stratiotes1

Pistia stratiotes2

Pistia stratiotes3

On June 27, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Invasive Species Eradication Activities had been started in Xincheng County, Laibin City, Guangxi Province with the beginning of the removal of Pistia Stratiotes. The theme was “eradicating alien creatures, and build a beautiful homeland.” After the ceremony, the participants came to the Xincheng County and begun the eradication of Pistia stratiotes in Shilong village.

Pistia stratiote is also known as “pig grass”, “lettuce”, because of its shape looks like a Chinese cabbage, it is also known as “water cabbage.” Pistia stratiote was imported from Brazil in the 1950s as pig feed in China to promote pig cultivation. The “Water cabbage” can grow quickly in calm freshwater lakes, reservoirs, ditches and can clog waterways affecting aquaculture, resulting in death of submerged plants, bringing harm to aquatic ecosystems.

Source: Xinhua Net

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