Introduction and history of Gangzhou Hengda FC (or Guangzhou EverGrande FC, 广州恒大足球俱乐部)

Guangzhou football team was established in June 1954 as China’s first prefecture-level professional football team. In January 1993, the cooperation of Guangzhou football team and Apollo Group made the team become China’s first professional football club with partnerships between the government and the enterprise.

Since March 1, 2010, the Hengda Group through a 100 million yuan (US$ 16 million) deal bought out the entire equity of Guangzhou Football Club, and renamed it as Guangzhou Hengda FC (or Guangzhou EverGrande FC, 广州恒大足球俱乐部). Since then, Hengda approached a number of top players to develop the team, it first introduced national team striker Gao Lin, then employed the famous Korean coach Lee Jang-soo as the team coach; On June 28, 2010, Guangzhou Hengda Football Club officially announced that the Chinese football player Zheng Zhi and Champions League player Sun Xiang officially joined the team. Two days later Guangzhou Hengda signed Brazilian sticker Muriqui with a record high transfer fee of $ 3.5 million.

February 25, 2012, Guangzhou Hengda achieved a 2-1 victory over Tianjin Teda team and won the Chinese Super Bowl, which was the first time winning of the Super Cup in the Guangzhou football history marking another milestone of the team.

Source: Guangzhou Hengda F.C. Official Website

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