The Internet speed in China is ranked over 80th in the world

“China’s fixed-line internet average download rate is ranked over 80 in the world” said Wu Hequan, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, in yesterday’s speech in Wuhan, Hubei Province. In addition, Internet charges compared with the service received by the users is also not reasonable according to his interpretation.

According to Wu, at the end of 2012, China’s fixed-line Internet average download speed was 1.15Mbps (network transmission speed unit), and the same indicator in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was 10.5M. And throughout the Asia-Pacific region or the globe, the average rate was 4.64M. China’s world ranking in term of internet speed was more than 80.

Wu believed that the absolute value of the Chinese internet access is not high, when measured in term of percentage of costs compared with the per capita disposable income.

“There is another factor, building up fiber infrastructure in the city is easy, an optical fiber line can cover a building inhabited by hundreds of families, the city’s internet cost is lower than the cost of the rural ares. But the service providers need to charge more the cities to subsidize rural areas. “said Hequan, “developed countries usually have related services fund, to subsidize internet infrastructure construction in rural areas.” At the same time he suggested that the internet service charges is still relatively high and there is room for price cut.

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