“Intelligent Wu Han” fiber plan: Increase the overall Internet speed to 100 mbps in next 3-5 years

According to the Tencent News, yesterday, the Information Office of the Wuhan municipal government held a press conference with the theme “building a national innovation center”, the press conference depicted a picture of the future of Wuhan as an “intelligent city”.

Wuhan Science and Technology Deputy Secretary Zhang Kuiwei said that in the end of 2010, Wuhan and Shenzhen had been identified as national “intelligent city” pilots by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Early last year, the Wuhan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau made an offering of 10 million yuan for domestic public to tender the “intelligent city” master plan project.

At present, “The Intelligent Wuhan City Overall Plan” has been formed initially, including 13 aspects: the wisdom of municipal facilities, environmental wisdom, the wisdom of medical health, wisdom and water treatment, intellectual culture, education wisdom, the wisdom of urban management, intelligent transportation, wisdom travel, wisdom food and drug regulatory, wisdom communities, wisdom of public safety, intelligence and logistics. The implementation of the “intelligent city” is expected to be launched in May this year, and within 3-5 years it is expected to start to pay off.

Zhang Kuiwei claimed that Wuhan will be the fastest growing city in term of Internet speed. Currently, the average 2 mbps household bandwidth will be increased to 50-100 Mbps through the optical fiber plan, meaning that downloading a movie will take just a few minutes.

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