Insider: Former Nokia executive will join Huawei in July

Former Nokia executive vice president Colin Giles

Today, it is reported that the former Nokia executive vice president Colin Giles will join Huawei in July this year as senior Vice President responsible for Huawei’s terminal global sales. Meanwhile, there is news indicating that Huawei is planning structure adjustment, cancel the consumer BG, and upgrade the terminal company to the same level position with the network operator BG and enterprise business BG.

Colin Giles (赵科林) profile

Colin Giles, Australian, joined Nokia in 1992 as product manager and then served as Marketing Manager. Since January 2004, Giles served as senior vice president of Nokia China, responsible for customer and market operations. Under his leadership, the Nokia became China’s leading mobile phone manufacturer with sales amounted to 5.8 billion euros (2006) and mobile phone market share achieved 35%.

In 2012, Nokia officially announced Colin Giles’s officially retirement on June 30, 2012 due to personal reason (to spend more time with his families).

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