Industrial copper sulfate used in ripening egg, 30 local egg plants shut down in Nanchang



Preserved duck eggs

Recently the CCTV (central television) in China exposed that instead of following the traditional production procedure to produce preserved duck eggs, in Nanchang County, South China’s Jiangxi Province, plants are using industrial copper sulfate used in ripening egg which may probably increase the chance of heavy metal contamination in eggs.

It is understood that Nanchang County offers an annual 300,000 tons processing eggs, occupying up to 15% of the country’s total market share of eggs. According to reporter survey, many manufacturers Nanchang County will add copper sulfate in the production of preserved eggs.

A factory boss said that his plant has a large annual output of eggs to be shipped and sold across the country, and “Every factory more or less will use it (industrial copper sulfate), it is no possible that they will not use it at all.” It is learned that the application of industrial copper sulfate will able to help to shorten the production lead time from 2 months to 1 month. At present 30 local egg plants have been shut down in Nanchang after the media exposure.

Source: Beijing News

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