Indian media said the Asia-Pacific countries expect India to contain China, but the Indian military is overwhelmed

the Indian military overwhelmed
Indian Navy’s stealth frigate docked in Vietnam

Indian Defense Minister AK Antony upon completion of Singapore’s state visit immediately began his visit to Australia. Australia is second of the Asia-Pacific three countries to be visited by Anthony, and then he will also visit Thailand. According to India’s “Business banner” website report on June 6, Anthony and Australian Defense Minister Stephen Smith held talks on enhancing defense ties between the two countries and reached a consensus.

In the subsequent joint statement by India and Australia, it is said that in 2015 the two sides will hold joint naval exercises in order to improve the level of bilateral defense cooperation, while strengthening the strategic partnership between the two countries. But the “Commercial Banner” said that, in fact India shows “no big interest” over the joint military exercises  because the various bilateral military exercises involving India have made the Indian army “overwhelmed”, India prefers multilateral joint exercises.

Source: 环球时报

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