HR Assignment Paper: Case Study of Super Juice

Super juice

Answer for question 1

On the basis of the case of Super Juice, we can get that there is a bad need for Super Juice to change its management style. Firstly, the social forces for change can’t be ignored. With the competition among the younger rivals that are full of vigor and fresh ideas, Super Juice still maintains its old style. The culture of Super Juice is based on the traditional and family oriented background made it regarded as drinks only for kids. While the young people prefer new things and fashionable trend which is caught by these competitors of Super Juice such as setting up outdoor carts and adopting fashionable advertisements. Thats why the profit of Super Juice hasn’t risen.

Coca cola for example, in the past it remained its image of the choice for family and adopted its traditional means of advertisement to promote its product in a long time which made it losing a big market share to Pepsi which often use fashionable means to attract young consumers (Redbam 2005).

Secondly, the political force for change is in the following. The management style of super juice is vey traditional and the top management prefers the workers to do every thing just by the book and doesnt welcome any change and new things. Just as the case mentioned, Super juice once punished two employees because they had their own ideas and didnt do every thing so rigid and just abbey the rules of Super Juice. Although this kind of management approach such as the focus on high quality as well as cost reducing did help Super Juice gained a lot, the rigid style of resistance to new things really become a big barrier for the future development of Super Juice. For instance, Rainforest café in China is stubborn at its traditional operation system and didn’t want to do any change, which made it have to drop out from Chinese market ( Inc, 2004).

Thirdly, the economic forces for change are also urgent. From the case, we can see Super Juice has the big headache that profits havent risen for about four years and even it is seemed to decrease, which is a tough problem for any organization. The reasons are in the following. Firstly, the hyper competition from it competitors has made Super Juice lose some of the market share and young consumers. Secondly, due to the old management style and traditional as well as conservative image of Super Juice, more and more young consumers began to choose other brand, which has made Super Juice just act as the drinks for kids. And due to the loss of several young consumers, the influence on the profit of Super Juice is easily observed.

All in all, due to these forces, it is necessary for Super Juice to adopt a new approach to management, which can be the most proper means to save Super Juice and help its function well in the future.

Answer for question 2

Based on the information from the case, the first things for Luisa to do to begin a transformation should include the following two aspects. The first one is the proper plan for the change, in another word a deliberate strategy for changes, which it is recommended that the planned change management model of Light Rands six steps model should be used according to Griffin, R and Pustay, M (2010). The model includes the several steps. The first one is that Luisa should create a sense of urgency in the inside of Super Juice and let the employees recognized the urgency. The second one is to plan how to remove the barriers to success such as the resistance, political situation and economic problems and so on. The third step is to recruit the proper people and make the full involvement of the staff in the change. The fourth one is to prove the change works such as the observation from the marketing feed back. And the last one is to sustain the change, which means to make the change facilitate the future development of Super Juice. For instance, Roadway express, a North American transportation company has adopted an proper strategy just like the above one to change its culture and management, which help it function so well nowadays(Griffin, R and Pustay, M 2010).

The second one is full communication, which requires Luisa to give clear clarification and have proper negotiation with the staff of Super Juice. According to Griffin, R and Pustay, M (2010) as well as the information from the case, we can get the purpose of full communication is to reduce the emotion of resistance from the inner part of Super Juice and meanwhile it can make the staff working together to make the change successful. For instance, facing changes there were so many resistances from the staff as well as the shareholders, the CEO of Akzo adopted proper means to communicate with the staff and shareholders, which removed the resistance and facilitated the changes functioning well (Asia Business News 2007).

Answer for question 3

Based on the information from the case, the things for Luisa to do to turn Super juice into a learning organization should at least include these changes. The first one is on the part of human resource management. According to Griffin, R and Pustay, M (2010), the personnel recruitment can facilitate a business become successful, especially the recruitment of young people. Due to the real situation of Super Juice, it has a shortage of young and ambitious employees, so it is necessary for Super Juice to inject some new blood, which can facilitate Super Juice innovating new ideas and creating more distinctive characteristic to attract young consumers. Coca cola for example, has developed an innovative strategy for recruiting young managers, which also prove its wise decision due to the gaining of more and more market share compared to Pepsi in the targeted market of younger generations (Griffin, R & Pustay, M 2010).

The second one is the culture building and reshaping. Although we know that the original culture of Super Juice is traditional and family oriented which makes its employee loyal as well as committed. But at the sometime, its traditional and family oriented culture also makes it too rigid and lack of creativity. So it is necessary for Super Juice to reshape its culture to maintain its good aspects and inject new elements. The new elements in culture reshaping for Super Juice should include the right attitude for new things, which can help Super Juice regain the losing market share. For instance, BMW always tries to maintain it traditional culture of harmony as well as injection new elements to the culture such as emphasis the importance of innovation, which helps it became the world famous car maker (Doh, J 2009).


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