How Much Does Getting Married In China Cost (including bride price to be paid to the Chinese girlfriend’s parents)?

The total cost of marrying a Chinese girl include doing wedding, honeymoon, buying a car and a house which is the most important and paying the bride price to the girls’ parents. One shall try to fulfill all these conditions in order to please the girl and her families. Here is recently released the “2013 Top Ten Cities of Cost of Marriage in China” in case detailed total pricing is required:

Chengdu: 554,000 yuan (US$ 88,640);
Wuhan: 650,000 yuan (US$ 104,000);
Suzhou: 944000 yuan (US$ 151,040);
Nanjing: 1028000 yuan (US$ 164,480);
Tianjin: 1086000 yuan (US$ 173,760);
Guangzhou: 1,280,000 yuan (US$ 204,800);
Hangzhou: 1782000 yuan (US$ 285,120);
Shanghai: 2008200 yuan (US$ 321,312);
Beijing: 2028000 yuan (US$ 324,480);
Shenzhen: 2082000 yuan (US$ 333,120).

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