How many train stations are there in Dongguan, Guangdong Province? Which is the nearest to the center of Dongguan City?

Currently, there are five domestic train stations in Dongguan:

Shilong Station (located in Shilong Town, 17km from urban area, the nearest train station to the center of Dongguan City)

Dongguan East Station (located in Changping Town, 40 km from urban area);

Changping Station (located in Changping Town, previous known as Dongguan Railway Station, name change effective on 20 Jun, 2013. 40 km from urban area):

Zhangmutou Station (located in Zhangmutou Town, 28 km from urban area)

Dongguan Railway Station (Under construction).

No doubt that if you are going to the urban area of Dongguan City such as participating the expo activities in Dongguan Exhibition Center, the most convenient station will be Shilong Station at present.

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