Hong Kong government’s HKD 100 million donation finally passed

According to the Xinhua News, the Hong Kong SAR Legislation Committee finally approved the government’s proposal to donate HKD 100 million to the Disaster Relief Fund to help the a recent Ms. 7.0 earthquake relief in Lushan County, Sichuan Province.

Chief of political affair, Ling zhengyure said in a meeting that based on the past cooperation with Sichuan Government, the Hong Kong government was confident that the provincial government will make good use of the donation to benefit the people affected and assist them to pass the difficult time and would submit detailed relevant reports to the Hong King Legislation Committee.

She also mentioned that in 2008, the Hong Kong government allocated HKD 9 billion into the “Sichuan earthquake rebuilding fund” through the legislation committee, each project was signed separately with separate budgeting. In addition, 26 projects out of the 171 projects were located in the affected areas in the recent Ms. 7.0 earthquake and were basically fine which meant the the jobs that had been done were effective.

Source: 京华时报

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