Hong Kong baby Infant formulas sales decreased significantly, restriction on the purchase may be revoked in October

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The private shipping of baby Infant formulas before the restriction on the purchase raised by Hong kong government on 1 March, 2013

Consolidated Report by ChinaAbout.net: Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Food and Health Bureau Ko Wing-man said yesterday in Hong Kong that since the implementation of measures to limit baby infant formulas to be carried out from Hong Kong, the market supply is stable and the Government will conduct a stress test in October; in case the measures are displayed as effective, the purchase limit may be revoked.

New Background

Since the 2008 Chinese milk scandal which , the consumer confidence over the baby infant formulas in mainland of China has fallen. As imported baby infant formulas are sold in mainland of China at relatively higher prices, many parents would rather purchase the infant formulas from Hong Kong, Macao and other oversea markets.

The strong demand of oversea made milk powder in China had once resulted in the shortage of imported milk powder in a number of countries and regions, especially in Hong Kong and Macao. To limit purchase of milk powder, and reserve the infant milk powder for the local residents, the Hong Kong SAR since March 1 this year has implemented the “restriction on the purchase of milk powder” which limits that people who are aged 16 or above can not carry a total weight of more than 1.8 kg of infant formula milk powder per person per day out of Hong Kong, which is equivalent to two cans of 900 gram ordinary milk powder. Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of 500,000 Hong Kong dollars and imprisonment of two years. On March 1 when the “restriction on the purchase of milk powder” became effective, the Customs and Excise caught 10 breaches and arrested 10 people.

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