High school student employed two men to kill his father and sister

May 14, Gao Wei Sheng was questioned by the police

May 12 morning, a murder occurred in Zhoukou City, Henan Province in which Zhoukou City Intermediate People’s Court Judicial Committee Gao Tian Feng and his daughter Gao Wei Yi were killed at home. Police later identified the son of Gao Gao Tian, Wei Feng Sheng was the suspect planned the murder and employed two men for killing.

According to Gao Wei Sheng’ confession, since February this year, he began searching for contact killers for killing his parents and sister.

Among the relatives and friends, this 18-year-old high school boy who was easygoing, with a sense of humor, liked playing basketball and online games, was just like any other school boys. People are confused about the ground of Gao Wei Sheng’ killing his father and sister.

But Gao Wei Sheng expressed very early about his psychological “dark side” on the internet. Since he was the second child of the family, and his father was a government official (In China, one child policy is strictly implemented among government officials, those having more than one child will be expelled from the posts), since childhood he had been hiding his identity, for which he complained about his parents’ indifference. Also the family had high academic expectations on him, Gao Wei Sheng repeatedly told the classmates that he had unbearable pressure.

Gao Wei Sheng’s uncle said Gao Wei Sheng was the second child of Gao Tian Feng, under the strict child policy, public officials will face direct expulsion if found to have more than one child. Gao Tian Feng used to be an official in a town. In order to hide the fact of irregularity, Gao Wei Sheng since childhood was kept hiding and even entrusted to custody of distant relatives. The reunion of the family started just about ten years ago.

With the advancement of Gao Tian Feng from the farm director, the town committee secretary, Renlu Yi County Court judge in 2004 and Zhoukou City Intermediate People’s Court Judicial Committee, the secret of his son was still a secret. Hiding the identity had become Gao Wei Sheng’s mission since his childhood.

During the questioning, Gao Wei Sheng said “I miss my sister and my dad, they loved me, I also like them, but we lacked some communications.”

Source: 新京报

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