High blood pressure becomes the second deadly disease in China

High blood pressure becomes the second deadly disease in China

Today is World Hypertension Day. Currently among all the major chronic diseases, high blood pressure caused cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases has become the most influential disease, the mortality rate is second only to cancer.

Medical researches show that high level salt intake is closely associated with high blood pressure, the sodium ions in the salt is the major factor that leads to high blood pressure.

Although many people in China know the importance of taking less salt and less sugar, the average level of salt intake and sugar intake in China is still much higher than the World Health Organization recommended level. For example, a variety of instant noodles contain a packet of seasoning salt, which may probably provide more salt than the recommended level of daily salt intake.

According to the World Health Organization, the per person daily salt intake recommended shall be no more than 5 grams, the recommended daily salt intake in China shall be no more than 6 grams. Reducing 6 grams of salt can help reduce the incidence of stroke by 24% and 18% of incidence of coronary heart disease.

Source: 新闻晚报

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