Henan’s first private jet 5S store opened, two helicopters sold on the first day

helicopter selling good in china
Henan’s first private jet 5S store opened,

Henan Province’s first private jet 5S shop was opened yesterday in Zhengzhou, following Beijing and Wuhan, Zhengzhou is the third city in China offering private aircrafts business.

The 3 aircrafts displayed at the site were priced from 2 million (US $320,000) yuan to more than 20 million yuan (US $3.2 million). A general manager of a real estate company expressed that the price of the jet was reasonable as a luxury car can normally be priced 2 million yuan.

On the opening day, two helicopters were sold, one was bought by the mentioned general manager of a real estate company in Kaifeng, while the other was ordered by a mystery buyer.

The Tian’an Transportation International Group Executive Director, Zhaopu introduced that private jet is necessary in emergency medical assistance and fire rescue. Like car accident happened in the highway, it is difficult for the ambulance get to site quickly, but aircrafts can directly fly to the scene and rescue the wounded. Similarly, in case of fire fighting, aircraft can also assist in the rescue.

4S shop is a “four-in-one” as the core automotive franchise business model, including vehicle Sale, Sparepart, Service and Survey. The private jet 5S shop based on the 4S modle, has added the fith S, the Services of old helicopter trading.

Source: 郑州晚报

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