Hainan Location

Hainan (海南) is located in the southern part of China.North of Hainan is the Qiongzhou Strait, opposit the Guangdong Province. Hainan is China’s only tropical province consisting of Hainan Island, the Paracel Islands, Dongsha Islands and Nansha Islands reefs and its waters. It is capital city is Haikou City.

Hainan Population

In the end of 2012, the resident population of Hainan reached 886.55 million with an increase of 9.17 million over the previous year. The population of Hainan maintains slow and steady growth. According to a sample survey of the population in 2012, the birth rate is 14.66% and the natural growth rate is 8.85%. The urban population accounted for 51.6% of the total popultion. 

Hainan Climate

Hainan has a tropical marine climate, marked with features of having warm and hot weather throughout the year with heavy rainfall, windy season, tropical storms and typhoons. 

Hainan Transportation

Hainan has two civil airports: Sanya Phoenix International Airport and Haikou Meilan International Airport.

Hainan Landmark:  Five Fingers Mountain


Hainan Cuisine


Hainan eight-treasure coconut rice / 海南椰子八宝饭

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