Hainan nutritious breakfast project: a bottle of milk and an egg for rural students

milk and egg project

According to the Nanhai Net, on April 19 the reporter learned from the Sanya City Bureau of Education that this year, the government will invest 38 million yuan (US $6.08 million) to subsidize the full implementation of compulsory nutritious breakfast project in the rural schools of the city.

Based on the report, the financial department assigned 10 million yuan (US $1.6 million) as special funds for the innitiave stage of implementation of the project in the tested points in 2012. The tested points covered the town of Phoenix, Yucai town and Shaw Middle School as well as other schools involving a total of 17,158 primary and secondary school students. During the school year, every student each morning will be able to enjoy a bottle of milk and an egg.

Since the implementation of the Nutritious Breakfast Project in 2012 in the tested points, the social comments are mostly positive. In order to ensure that more rural school students will be able to enjoy the sunshine of public finance, in 2013 the Sanya City Department of Finance decided to increase financial investment in nutritious breakfast project, thus project should be extended to the six towns and two districts benefiting a total of 45,363 primary and middle school students.

A Sanya City Board of Education official said, during the school hours, the milk and eggs will be distributed to the hands of the students during the break time. Delay of delivery or paying cash as substitute will be strictly not allowed. At the same time, schools must ensure that the milk and eggs are cooked before delivery, and they must be safe and qualified products to prevent the occurrence of food safety incidents.

Reference/Source: http://www.hinews.cn/news/system/2013/04/19/015622907.shtml

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