More H7N9 cases will be identified, influenza vaccine will take more than 6 months to develop

Director of Health Emergency Office under the Center of the China Disease Prevention and Control Center, Feng Zijian, claimed at a media interview on the 3rd April  that “there is currently no vaccine against the H7N9 avian flu virus, and the National Health and Family Planning Commission is organizing vaccine research.” Up to now, the mainland of China has confirmed nine cases of human infected with the H7N9 bird flu cases, three patients died. Feng Zijian said that the, usual period of influenza vaccine R&D is 6-8 months, and vaccine against this newly discovered avian influenza virus may take longer to develop.

While asked whether H7N9 avian flu will be pandemic like SARS, Feng ziJian suggested that “at present, people with close contact with the patients showed no infection so far, thus the spread like the SARS  is very unlikely. However, with the increase monitoring efforts, and monitoring procedures and policy adjustments taken, I believe more H7N9 cases will be identified.”


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