GuoChuan refreshed the solo non-stop around the world challenge record


Guo Chuan and his “Qingdao” sailboat

After 137 days 20 hours 2 minutes 28 seconds and more than 21,600 nautical miles of hard sailing, this morning 7:59 Guo Chuan with his “Qingdao” sailboat has returned port of Qingdao where the journey began on 18th, November last year. This is the first achievement of single non-stop sailing around the world by Chinese people, at the same time Guo also refreshed the 40-foot-class sailing solo non-stop Global Challenge world record recognised by the International Sailing Federation!

“Today I feel particularly happy, I’m really happy, I have not seen so many people, so many friends and relatives for a long time, more than 100 days ago I didn’t not know whether I can make it or not” Guo Chuan said in an interview in excitement, “I do not know whether I’m in a dream, seems like I am still in a dream.”




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