What is Guo Meimei (郭美美) event? Updated development of Guo Meimei (郭美美) event

The so-called “Guo Meimei Event” started from the Sina microblogging in 2011 as a girl nicknamed as “Guo Meimei Baby” under real-name authentication as a commercial general manager of the Chinese Red Cross showed off her wealth in the microblogging.  ‘Guo Meimei Baby’ posted photos indicating that she lived in a large villa, owned a Maserati sports car, as well as a dozen designer handbags. A following survey showed that 82% of respondents said that they will not contribute to the Chinese Red Cross any more.
GuoMeiMei event1
In July 2012, the investigation by the Beijing police over the Guo Meimei event found out that the wealth of Guo Meimei was not directly associated with the Red Cross of China. But still this event caused a serious public trust crisis of the Chinese Red Cross which seems to continue today.

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In April 2013, a Ms 7.0 earthquake happened in Ya’an, Sichuan and it was soon followed by relief works from government, civil organizations and overseas assistance. Considering the impacts of the “Guo Meimei” event, the Red Cross of China very quickly reached the disaster area, but the fund-raising work had suffered a great distrust from the ordinary people leading to a lower raise money. In order to restore reputation, April 23, 2013, the Chinese Red Cross Society Oversight Committee spokesman said, “When the Lushan post-earthquake emergency relief is basically completed, the Red Cross Society of China Social Supervision Committee will start the re-investigation of the widely discussed Guo Meimei (郭美美) event.

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13/June /2013 “The GuoMeimei event” is a lingering shadow to the Red Cross China


After the 2013 mid-term meeting, committee Yuan Yue said that “The Guo Meimei event” is a lingering shadow over the Red Cross China, we are very tangled. But looking back to the case, the event was originally reported to police by the red cross. In theory, the Red Cross and the Oversight Committee both do not have the right to re-investigate the case. Only with new evidence the police can restart the investigation, we have to do is to collect the evidence.”

15/June /2013 Guo MeiMei Birthday Party: Wealth show-off again

guomeimei party1

guomeimei party2

guomeimei party3

On June 15, Guo Meimei celebrated her by renting the entire bar for private usage. In the center of the stage, the “GuoMeimei HAPPY BIRTHDAY” characters were placed. Despite the public pressure to re-investigate the GuoMeimei event, she continued to show off her wealth by holding eyeball attracting party sparkling wide discussion.

April 2014 Guo MeiMei Run Up Massive Gambling Debt

guo meimei in gambling debts

April 2014, it’s reported by media that Guo MeiMei had run up two hundred and sixty million yuan (US$ 43 million) gambling debt.

July 10, 2014 Guo MeiMei Arrested For Gambling

July 10, 2014, Guo MeiMei was arrested and detained by the Beijing police for gambling during the World Cup. On 28th July, it’s reported by media that Guo MeiMei’s “nominal father” Wang Jun was taken away by the police. Wang Jun is a married Shenzhen businessman, and it’s believed that Guo’s wealth mainly came from Wang.

July 17, 2014 Suspected Sex Video Became Popular Online

July 17, 2014, a sex video in which a girl who was believed to be Guo Mei Mei had oral sex with a man became popular on the internet.

August 2014 Under Criminal Detention & Offered Public Apology

guo meimei offered her apology

August 3, 2014, Dongcheng Branch of the Beijing Police confirmed that Guo Meimei was arrested for the crime of gambling, and she was under criminal detention. On the next day, it’s reported in the news that Guo MeiMei had admitted participating in gambling activities, engaging in the sex trades and publishing false information. She made a confession in which she claimed that she had made a very big mistake because of her vanity and caused damage to the reputation of the China Red Cross for which she offered her apology.

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