Guo Jingjing gave birth to a baby boy through natural delivery, weighing 3.3 kg


Guo Jingjing gave birth to a baby boy through natural delivery, weighting 3.3 kg

Huo Qigang today wrote in microblogging that: “Dear friends: Our son was born this morning, weighing 3.3 kg, the mother and the child are both healthy! We are very happy with the little baby, and the whole family also shares the very joy! We are very grateful to the medical care staffs! We are also very grateful to members of the media and friends and family for their blessing, later on we will send photos to you! We wish you happiness and good health! ”

The birthday of Guo Jingjing’s son happens to be the 34 year birthday of Tian Liang (Guo’s ex-boyfriend)

The date of birth of Guo’s son was the focus of media attention, as early as August 20 there was already a large number of reporters gathering at the Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital and waited for the news. On August 25, it was rumored that in order to avoid the Ghost month (July in Chinese lunar calendar), the Huo family chose to drag the production date until September 5. Actually, the various media did not have the exact date of the child-birth. At 12:20 on August 27, Huo Qigang personally announced the birth of his son on the Internet, and this day also happened to be the 34th birthday of Guo Jingjing’s ex-boyfriend Tian Liang.

Profile of Guo Jingjing

Guo Jingjing is a female diver from the People’s Republic of China. Guo is tied with her partner Wu Minxia for winning the most Olympic medals of any female diver and she won the 3m springboard event at five consecutive World Championships.

guo jingjing

Guo made entertainment headlines in China when the paparazzi published a photograph of her dining with Kenneth Fok Kai-kong, the grandson of the late Hong Kong business tycoon Henry Fok. Guo did not deny the relationship, and has been photographed many times with Kenneth Fok in public. The couple tied the knot in Hong Kong on November 8, 2012. At 12:20 on August 27, Huo Qigang personally announced the birth of his son with Guo Jingjing on the Internet, and this day also happened to be the 34th birthday of Guo Jingjing’s ex-boyfriend Tian Liang

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